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"I promise to listen and be the voice of all the people of District 3. Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support."

James H. Bowers


"Partnership to Victory."

Safe Neighborhoods

Affordable Housing

Economic Development



“My name is Kevrick McKain and I am the Managing Partner of the McKain Partnership Group and a former Assistant Pastor and an Evangelist for an urban ministry group.  I would urge my friends in the Charlotte area to elect James Bowers to the Charlotte City Council. District 3 needs a visionary that will promote a revitalized West Charlotte that works for all its residents.

That is why I am offering my complete endorsement to James Bowers for City Council. James is a man of great integrity and has a great passion to see the people of District 3 succeed. He is a tremendous advocate for educational achievement, small business owners and for the family.

James will support law enforcement while encouraging the city’s police force to engage and befriend local neighborhoods and communities. He is the right man for this job. Join with my friend, James Bowers, and make Charlotte District 3 a better place."

Kevrick McKain

Managing Partner of McKain Partnership Group

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Every vote counts. Secure your civic powers, vote James H. Bowers!

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